Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Helpful Tip for Pineapple!

Yummy, Sweet, Juicy Pineapple...

I LOVE Spring and Summer because of all of the yummy FRESH fruit that is available to us. Right now there are great prices going on with Pineapples.
$2.88 per Pineapple.

There is nothing yummier than fresh pineapple, however,
I used to
not buy fresh Pineapples very often
because I didn't think our little family of four
could eat it before it went bad...
that is until I figured out to
FREEZE it to enjoy in smoothies later

all through the summer!

And so, every spring/summer I buy quite a few pineapples,
Cut off the outer skin
Cut it into slices
and then Cut each slice into small chunks.
I then
put it into "snack size" bags
to pull out to add YUMMY flavor to summertime smoothies!!
(Pineapple is my favorite addition to all of our smoothies!)

BTW...the "middle" part of the pineapple (the core) that most people throw away is not bad for you...it is just more tough and not that pleasant to eat, but it is great cut up and added in with the pineapple to the smoothies, so the only thing that goes to waste is the outer skin, however; our chickens enjoy this...so nothing goes to waste!

Looking forward to
MANY fresh fruit and yogurt smoothies this summer!


Small House said...

I'm with you!! We love fresh pineapple. I never thought of freezing it. I freeze grapes, and they are great for a little snack in the winter when they are $2.99 a pound.

Thanks for another great tip. I LOVE IT!!!
Have a great day.

Ann Marie said...

Great tip freezing it!!

I don't usually buy it unless I am hosting a party because I ALONE would eat the whole thing of yumminess. Now, I know I can partake of a portion of it, and then freeze the rest! Yay!

Hope your trip to Yosemite is great!