Monday, June 22, 2009

"the Killers" we come!!


we have a really excited teenager
in the house tonight
because we just bought "the KILLERS" concert tickets
for September 26, 2009!!

I love their music and am really excited to do something FUN with Jade. I always dreamed of going to a concert when I was a teenager and so I have always wanted to do FUN things for my kids in their teenage years!

I'm just excited
that Jade still thinks it's
to do things with his parents!

Excited for both of our concerts...
(Depeche Mode August 25th
and the KILLERS September 26th)


T. L. C. said...

YOU LUCKY DUCK! How awesome are you? TAKE pictures!!!!

I wish I had the time this summer for a concert but to many weddings and showers :(

Jealous over in TN *wink*

Cherie said...

That is going to be a great concert! They are coming to our area too and I have been thinking about it!!
I bet Jade is SO excited!!

JENNIFRO said...

JEALOUS!!! I love the Killers..they're great! You're a great mom to do that with your son...super hip too! i saw Depeche Mode a few years ago and loved them. They sounded great was so much fun to relive my past through their music. Now I just need Erasure to come to town!