Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunshine for the Soul...Sunday!

"How easy and simple it is to live enjoyably when the simple,
interminable blue of the sky, with its long wisps of white clouds, become a pleasant thing to behold, a thing of beauty that thrills you every time you care to look skyward."

Grand Teton National Park 2006
(click on the photo)

I have always LOVED the sky and the clouds!
In fact
, on many a "love note" that Tracy has written me he has commented that his wife is always saying "Look at how gorgeous the sky looks"!

As we are hiking I like to snap photos of the ever changing clouds with the blue sky shining through. I find as much beauty and uniqueness with the sky and clouds as I do looking at trees, flowers and landscape!!

Yes, everytime I look "skyward" it is truly a pleasant and beautiful sight to behold!
I have been looking skyward
very much this week as I have been out enjoying more blossoming trees in my yard and the gorgeous sky and clouds that seem to appear throughout the day!
Every season AND every day
of our lives there is truly something beautiful to see and enjoy...if only we take the TIME to notice it!!


Small House said...

When I was small, I used to lay in the grass and watch the clouds as they would move with the wind. Then I'd get lost in how vast the world was, and try to picture all of this going on, and on, and on, and never ending. As overwhelming as it was, I have grown so thankful for, forever. The clouds tend to make me think a little deeper. The are very inspiring to me.

Have a great day.

Ann Marie said...

I love to look at the clouds and the stars and find "things" in them with the kids.. When we get really bored-- we have done it in mom's room with the plaster on the ceiling.. Too funny.

Why am I sharing this?

Oh it's late..

Great thoughts, and beautiful pictures as usual.

Have a GREAT week!

Cherie said...

I still love to look at the clouds too. There is something magical about the way they slowly move and the shapes you can see. Very peaceful.

Thanks for the reminder to notice the beauty around us.

Are you guys planning a backpacking trip soon? Just wondering "D