Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunshine for the Soul...Sunday!

"Cherish your visions and your dreams,
as they are the children of your soul;
the blueprints of your ultimate achievements".

-- Napoleon Hill
(click on the photo to make it big!)
This is an
awesome photo from a family trip we took over Labor Day weekend 2008. It is one of the mountain lakes along the Beartooth Highway Scenic Drive. There was the most amazing and gorgeous sunset that day and the colors and the lighting were absolutely perfect!!
The quiet, peaceful, solitude of Nature feeds my soul !


Ann Marie said...

Beautiful Picture!

There is so much beauty in this world.. I'm sure if we went somewhere new each week we still couldn't see all of it's majesty!

You are such a positive soul..
Happy Sabbath!

Cherie said...

I have to agree you are a very positive soul! I love reading your blog.

We have some things in common like the love of nature and a beautiful lake! Such a pretty picture.

I also realized I am hungry for a little snack right now and everytime I could to your blog I feel like eating cookies...Hmmm not sure why?? hee hee

Small House said...

Gorgeous picture. What a beautiful place to relax and fill your soul. I enjoy your blog!

Sondra said...

I love nature. I love the beauty of this wonderful world.

When I lived in SLC I used to go hiking all the time. There were so many trails close to town. I loved it and really miss those quiet moments enjoying nature.

Since I live by Boise now - I haven't found any close trails as beautiful as the ones in SLC.. Now we have to travel to enjoy mountain beauty... although there are great parks here - it isn't the same.

I'm excited for summer and camping and nature. I love playing in the dirt in my own yard and sitting outside enjoying the sun and beauty there.

Enjoy the sunshine this week!