Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunshine for the Soul...Sunday!

"Nature is the art of God"!

Ralph Waldo Emerson

(click on the's gorgeous)

This is actually 2 different photos from 2 different hiking trips we have taken in Grand Teton National Park. I LOVE the "winding" trails, wild flowers, blue sky, clouds, mountains, big rocks and the "crooked" trees! Every bit of it is truly Heavenly and very much a sight to behold.
YES, Nature truly is the art of God!
It's amazing to head to the mountains to see the beauty that is there that wasn't "landscaped" by is just how it grows all on it's own!
Try as I might to replicate something like that in my own yard, I can never even come close to making that kind of beauty!

Very soon our backpacking days will be here again and I can't wait until we are on one of those trails, taking in that gorgeous beauty;
"The art of God"
once again!!


Ann Marie said...

You are so right...
True Beauty and Art by a Loving Heavenly Father. Sometimes when we are up hiking and/or camping, I like to go by myself to a pretty place and just sit and think and admire the beauty around me. We had days like that is YW, and I still love to do it.

I'm exited for the warm weather and fun times with my family! :)
Happy Weekend!

Cherie said...

I smiled a happy smile when I clicked on your blog today!

I have just spent 5 wonderful days looking at the Beauty and Art of Heavenly Father.

It is so true. He has given us such a beautiful earth to enjoy if we will just partake - I can hardly believe sometimes that this is the Telestial world - Imagine....

Love your pictures!

Happy Memorial Day!

Small House said...

Oh so true. And Creative He must be. We are so blessed with such beauty.

I live in an area with mountains surround us. It never ceases to amaze me!
Thanks for sharing.