Monday, April 27, 2009

What is that Smell?

"The sense of smell can be extraordinarily evocative, bringing back pictures as sharp as photographs of scenes that had left the conscious mind".
~~Thalassa Cruso


Easter weekend we spent the night at my parents house and the old bed in their guest room is too soft for my needs and I ended up getting some kind of pinched nerve/kink in my neck and I have been dealing with really bad pain all week in my neck and upper arm.

Well, Tracy, being the sweet hubby that he is has been massaging my neck every night and “popping” my upper back to provide relief to me.

Here is where “What is that smell” comes into the picture. Tracy pulled out some different massaging oils we have in our house and one of them is “Sunbreeze Essential Oil”. As he was massaging my neck a FLOOD of memories came back to my mind from that smell!
Tracy and I first started dating at the end of December and so he must have been dealing with a cold because he had rubbed Sunbreeze on his chest to break up congestion and on our dates I could smell this and thought it smelled odd, BUT, it smelled good... it was just different than cologne.
it is amazing when you smell a certain smell how it can take you back in time to memories you had completely forgotten about!

When we have moments like this we take a
DEEP breath and
let the air out slowly
to savor that memory in time!

Tracy has these same moments
with the colognes above...

Colors...Post Mission days
Perry Ellis...High School Days
Dune...Our trip to Orlando
Drakkar...High School Days (of course!)
Aspen...1st cologne he bought when we got married
Polo...High School Days
Georgio and POLO Crest....Newlywed days

(Albeit, neither of us ever wear much cologne/perfume anymore, because just as we try to be conscientious with what we eat, we also are conscientious with what we put on our skin as well).
Here is my duffle bag
that is FULL of empty perfume bottles of smells from my high school days, a trip to Hawaii, our wedding day/night, the first few years of our marriage, the smell of my sister that passed away, etc…..If I ever want a stroll down memory lane I just have to smell the bottle and it all comes back!
(Oh and as you can see, my duffle bag is also full of all of my many strands of beads, BIG earrings, outdated jewelry, etc…)
It’s my little bag of treasures that I keep in my cedar chest.
Our bodies are amazing in that way….
the senses are wonderful;
how you can smell a smell,
taste a taste,
hear a sound or song
and it will take you back in your mind
to wonderful memories that you had totally, completely forgotten about!
(hoping that they never stop making Sunbreeze as I LOVE taking a stroll down memory lane of the sweet moments we had in our dating days!)


T. L. C. said...

I love the quote you put at the top of this. Smells is something I too think of alot and what they bring to mind.

For me the smell of bookstores make me feel at peace. I love to read and there’s just something about a fresh crisp book smell that makes me giddy. Hopefully not like a nerd LOL

Also, I love the smell of fresh cut lemons and Tommy Hilfiger cologne makes me think of my first major love.
Great post!!!!

Kimmie said...

Tierra....that is funny that you commented on the smell of Book Stores...I LOVE going to Barnes and Noble and LOVE the smell. Even though we don't drink coffee, it smells good....the smell reminds me of being on a trip and eating Continental Breakfast in the hotel.

Smells are amazing! (I love the smell of lemons and anything citrus as well).

Sit A Spell said...

I am a "smell" kinda girl too. Friends say my home "smells good"...I don't usually have any thing baking or a candle burning when they say I smile. I like my home to smell homey and "good"...a place you want to be.

I love all kinds of smells too from the clean scent of citrus you mentioned to scones baking in the oven and a fresh breeze coming through the window after it rains.

Small House said...

I do the same thing. I smell something or even hear a song, and it takes me back. It's funny how our brain can just recall that quickly.

I still love perfume. I'm a perfume crazy woman.

Loved your bag. That's sucha great idea to have saved all your old jewelry.

I was glad you told me you worked. Sometimes I feel like I'm completely out of the loop and extremely overwhelmed.. You're right. Knowing that helps you connect with other women.

Have a great day.

Cherie said...

All those colognes and perfumes and the big beads brought back alot of memories for me.
It seemed like when I went to BYU the cologne "Polo" was what the guys wore (at least the ones I dated) and I STILL love that smell. It still smells sexy to me.

Before it got torn down last year I could go into the Wilkonson Center at Deseret towers and it smelled exactly the same as when I worked there during college.

Smells are amazing!

I love the picture of you with the pretty pink flowers. I don't know if it is the name of your blog or just the pictures I have seen but you Kimberly remind me of the color pink :D

Candace Taylor said...

I remember having that exclamation perfume! I'll have to smell your bottle of it sometime. I think you could probably pull out your beads and wear them again. Ashley has been wearing Mom's. I also hope that we will always be able to buy sun breeze oil--good stuff.

Ann Marie said...

Oh man.. just seeing exclamation makes me feel a bit sick. I had it and yucky now...

I love perfume.. My only love is Beautiful by Estee Lauder. I love when I walk past a woman wearing it.. It is heavenly to me!

Drakkar is and will always be my #1 man scent. I made every ex buy it.. and when Chad wears it.. he knows I'll tackle him! ha-ha..

I could do my own post on this.. I always have to much to say!
I like this post!