Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Friendship!

"Friends are the flowers
in the Garden of Life"!
weekend at our family Easter Egg hunt/breakfast I was talking with my neice telling her how much I enjoy my "Blogging friends". She was amazed that I have weekly contact with friends that I met online and whom I have never met in real life. The only way I know them is by reading their Blogs and commenting and also emailing from time to time.
I LOVE checking out my sweet friends Blogs daily/weekly.

My sweet friend Cherie
from "Bakow Babble" (click here)

announced she was having a "Spring Swap" a few weeks ago and so everyone who commented had their name put in the drawing and she informed us of who our Swap partner was and we had to send them a little bit of
"Spring in the mail".
Cherie and I got to be Swap partners!
(I was very excited)
I received my package today and was thrilled with the sweet things I received from her. She is an amazing card maker and I received a little bundle of homemade note cards she so skillfully made. I don't know how she knew, but my favorite color is HOT PINK and I got some garden gloves and a kneeling pad in this color. I'm looking forward to putting these to good use in my garden this spring/summer.
I also got an adorable jar of buttons, and "BEE" tissues AND a sweet hand written note on one of her cards telling me to "Scatter Sunshine"....
I LOVED everything!
Oh, and she made this "S" for our last name initial and decorated it up so cute with old fashioned paper and tied a cute green bow at the top and had an adorable flower adornment on it also.
It goes PERFECT on my entry shelf!
(here is what I sent to her)
What a fun thing and I wanted to tell Cherie
a very big "Thank you"!!
These will be treasures!

1 comment:

Cherie said...

Glad you got the box - it was so fun to put together. Yayyy I was hoping the "S" would work on your shelf!
Have a GREAT weekend!