Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spring has finally arrived!

YAY for Spring-Time... 
I love it so much!

The days are getting longer 
and the sun shines in our windows before 6:00 in the morning.
The air is filled with the beautiful music of birds chirping.
The temperatures are "just right"...
(not too hot, not too cold).
Kids are swinging on swings and 
enjoying not being cooped up in the house!

This is what my yard 
looks like right now...

Periwinkle flowers and Violets...

Clusters of purple and pink tulips...

The trees are starting to leaf out and get buds as well!
(I wish I make this photo a "scratch and sniff", because it SMELLS so good!!)
OH, and we and abundance of 
Dandelions and weeds and YES, 
they are BEAUTIFUL too!

AND we have this exciting thing 
happening right now...
A newly built nest in our spruce tree,
with a turquoise egg, which means we get to enjoy watching baby Robins again this spring!

This sweet mama Robin 
is making sure her little egg stays safe 
during our windy weather we have been having!

YAY, we have blossoms and bees 
in our Spring Snow Crab Tree!

(sweet comment that my hubby made about this BEE photo on Facebook:)
"Guess who is the busy bee? You! That's who! I love how you are never too busy though, to notice all the little things & appreciate simple beauty. Thanks for pulling me away from the garage cleaning to watch the mama robin trying to keep her eggs safe on this windy day. I can always count on you for a lesson on the birds & bees! ;-)

I Love all of the JOY, color, smells 
and special moments that Spring-time brings!

I especially LOVE 
when I get to join my hubby for lunch
 in the middle of the week and we get to enjoy the sunshine and time together at the park!
These stolen moments in time are priceless treasures to me!
Life is wonderful 
with each and every beautiful and sweet moment!
The key is making sure to

 stop and pause from our ever so busy lives
and notice the beauty and love 
that is abundantly around us!

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