Saturday, January 5, 2013

Our week in photos...

SO, my poor blog has gotten neglected over the past year. Not that I've wanted to, but due to all of the social media, Facebook has definitely been easier to keep up with.
I have been grateful 
for one of the groups I have been a part of:  
"Project a day". 
It has made it where I am able to capture something every single day.   

I very much enjoy my blog!  
I enjoy sharing my life through photos.
I enjoy sharing my recipes and cooking.
I enjoy sharing our frugal living tips 
and the journey to becoming debt free that we are on.

As I have pondered how I want to tackle the enjoyable things in my life, I am thinking I'm going to treat my blog as such.
I will take the photos I share from my 365 Project and the photos that I post on Facebook and each weekend do an "Our week in photos..." post. 
(that way I at least have photos that I love shared and blogged about)
I will then try and at least blog a few times a month sharing recipes and frugal living and see how that goes.

Sometimes you just have to START 
and so that is what I'm doing...
December 30th to January 5th
New Profile pic...
Love using the cool effects with my camera!
Sparkly Snow, 
striped socks and comfy shoes!
It snowed on New Year's Eve!
Loved these leaves that were still hanging onto the branches with the fluffy snow all around! 
  Cousins have fun playing "Mine Craft" 
on New Year's Eve
 The New year was off to a great start!  
My Buttermilk biscuits have never risen this high before! 
Hope that means that it's going to be a successful year 
for achieving those things we want most to become a reality!

The sun is shining brightly today 
and the snow topped roof of our chicken coop 
is melting into cool icicles! 

This was the temperature 
when we went to bed on January 1st!
 The calendar said  
it's back to work and school today
 It was SO cold 
the kids had to stay inside for recess.
I love my "Peas and Carrots"! 
Here they are wearing their shirts
 that they got each other for Christmas!
While they are brothers, 
they are nothing alike, but, 
they go together like "Peas and Carrots".

Was excited that I was able to take photos 
of the freshly fallen snow 
and actually have it focus 
on individual snowflakes!  
I looked out the window tonight 
and saw a colorful sky filled 
with LOTS of contrails all intermingled!
You know it's going to be a great day 
when you wake up 
with bed-head this AWESOME!!  
 Sparkly snow...
it doesn't get more beautiful than this!
HOT Friday night date with my 
"Hunk of burning love"!
LOVE this guy SO MUCH!!
 Loved the bright sun shining through our windows 
and I had to capture the reflection 
of our poinsetta on our kitchen table. 
SO cool!
More cool reflections 
from the bright sun shining! 

Happy first week of January! 

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Garden of Egan said...

Love your wild hair!
Made me laugh out loud.

I have missed your blog posts and all of the awesome ideas that you post.
I know life gets busy and there are so many things to get done.

Looks like your classes at school are a blast. Way to be awesome!