Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Beginnings 2013

"Stand Ye in Holy Places and be not moved"!  

New Beginnings!
My big assignment for the year and I was SO sick with the flu! 
I'm just grateful I had gotten the gifts for our YW girls wrapped early in the week and pretty much had everything else together.
I was also feeling grateful that I had asked someone else to handle making the treats for the refreshments, so that I didn't have to stress last minute to ask for help with that. 
All in all it was a wonderful night
 for our Young Women girls, leaders and parents!
I didn't hardly take any photos of the night, since I pretty much just showed up and set up the gift table and decorated the lamp and value table and then sat on the stage step trying to survive being chilled and not feeling well, in between turning on the lights when our Beehives talked about each value and then I ran the audio/tv when it was time to show videos.   

Here is the evening in photos...
(feel bad I took photos before, but no photos during and wish that I had photos of my sweet young women girls).
Oh well!  
There's always next year!  
 Our Personal Progress cheerleader, did the cutest talk and built a snowman as she talked about Personal Progress with the girls!  It was awesome!
Our Young Woman's President 
is amazing with decor and presentation!   
I was touched when I looked on the table and saw my Logan Temple in the center!
It was made for me by mom for Christmas over 10 years ago. It was awesome to see it on the table on a night when we were talking about the Temple with our Young Women!

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