Friday, January 6, 2012

Fridays Forgotten Moments in Time...

SO, I had a busy year in 2011
and there are several events that I never quite had the time to go through the photos and do a blog post about them and SO for the next few weeks, I am going to have Friday be my "ketchup" posts, which I am going to title:
"Friday's Forgotten Moments in Time".

Our Month of December
was a truly joyous month with of the favorite highlights...
that of getting the mail and excited to see whom we got Christmas cards from that day.

It was also full of sparkling Christmas Decor, 
 excited kids as they counted money and rolled it up so they could go and buy little gifts,   
visits from many close friends and neighbors,
singing Christmas Carols,
delivering holiday goodie boxes,
the smell of cinnamon in our house all month long
as we made Cinnamon Almonds, Gingersnaps and Gumdrop Bread.

There were
holiday parties, school Christmas programs, 
Nativity re-enactments, getting to play with cousins,
plates of yummy holiday treats,
bowls of fresh fruit, frost covered car windows,
LOTS of family time
 playing with remote control helicopters,
snuggling on our big sectional sofa watching movies,
working on projects,
AND, last but not least,
the excitement of teenagers
getting new "stitching jeans"!
(that's what Jade calls the jeans that have the thick stitches of thread around the pockets and down the sides of the jeans...He can't stop looking in the mirror when he is wearing them as he is thrilled to finally have a pair of them!  BTW...they're not the $120 ones :-))

It was a wonderful month indeed. 
Here is our month in photos!
While we had many things that made us smile this month,
if I were to think of one particular moment that brought a SMILE to all of our faces, that we kept talking about all afternoon long, it would have been the day we opened up this Chrstmas card with Halloween faces on one side and Formal dress on the other.   

Ethan had to keep turning the card over and looking at it in close detail.
He thought that was the COOLEST card he had ever seen!
(BTW, Jennifer if you can't tell, we LOVE the card and it was at the top of our favorites)
Tracy commented over and over
how AWESOME it is when people have a sense of humor.    
I made a copy of both sides of the photo so I can have them both showing in my card display in my entry when I take down last years photos and put up this years photos.

It was a HAPPY, JOYFUL month indeed...
sad that it's over, 
but looking forward to the adventures and FUN 
that 2012 has to offer!


Cherie said...

Kimmie it looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas full of everything that makes it all truly special - Family time with your own family and extended family, good food, and the true spirit of Christmas! Lovely

I have to tell you I especially adore the very top photo - I love the angle that you took this picture from capturing the Christmas tree with your wall mirror - Awesome shot!!

If I haven't said it yet Happy New Year!!!!!!

Cherie said...

Oh and BTW First!!!!!

Cherie said...

Oh how being first makes me happy and joyful :-D

Cherie said...

Cause it's cool 'N stuff :-D

Cherie said...

Have a happy day Girl!

Garden of Egan said...

Someone should really try and reign in Cherie!

I loved your Friday moments. What a wonderful month you have made. It didn't just made it happen.

Connie said...

I think having a Friday's Forgotten Moments is a brilliant idea! So many time I put off posting then decide it's too late and it never gets done! I've been meaning to tell you how much we enjoyed your Christmas card. I had it on the piano so all your pictures showed. Emily and Cyrus came in and looked at it then both said excitedly, I know those people! Emily immediately noticed that she hadn't met Jade yet. You guys made quite an impression! You have some beautiful Christmas decorations. Looks like a fun and memorable Christmas.
How wonderful you get to quit your job! I'm liking forward to the time that I'll be able to do the same.
Have a fun weekend.

Sue said...

What a fun post. Looks like 2011was very special indeed. Love the pictures you took.