Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bedroom turned into TV room...

WOW, it feels good to type again.
My year started off with a whirlwind of events (good things mind you) that I am having a hard time getting my thoughts together to blog about,
SO, I will blog about something that is easy and is mostly photos as I received an email this week from Tracy's aunt, asking if I would send her photos of how we turned a large-ish (12x14) bedroom into our TV/media room.

Little bit of background...
we live in a 3000 square foot home, with 1500 of it as a full UNFINISHED basement. There are 3 bedrooms on the main level, but there is no ideal space to have a TV viewing area (we don't want a TV in our kitchen/dining area competing for family time around the dinner table).
For years we have been enamored with simplifying our lives
and trying to pare our life down and really connecting with "Cozy spaces".
So, when we installed our hardwood floor in 2010, we asked the kids if they would be okay if we took the larger bedroom and turned it into our TV room and they would share the smaller bedroom so it would keep us from spending money to finish a TV watching area in the basement.
They were thrilled with the idea and we
LOVE that we have everything we need on the main level
(except food storage/camping holiday storage which is in the basement).

Our TV room is cozy,
has a full sectional, leather chair, computer desk area for Tracy's computer needs (when he's not sitting in a comfy chair with his iPad) and we took the closet and installed shelves to hold DVD's and games. We purchased a heater that fits perfect in one corner, so we can go in and close the door, turn on the heater and have a nice and toasty area to enjoy watching movies together as a family. (since we keep the thermostat set at 62 degrees for our house, it is nice to have a small room to be able to close the door and be warm, without heating up the whole house).
We also have wall sconces that Tracy installed so we have perfect "mood light"!
It is SUCH a perfect use of space...
not too big, not too small, but just right!

Here are photos of the finished TV room
AND photos of the kids room.
(we still need to get things hung on the wall, but we are enjoying it just the way it is at the moment)

TV/Media room

Kids Bedroom...
Progress is good...
It feels good to make headway on home improvement projects...it will be a glorious day when we finally get the rest of our house finished with new tiles in the laundry room/bathrooms, painted walls, freshly painted kitchen cabinets, baseboards reattached and painted and lots of trim work and built-in shelves.
Until then, I will enjoy what improvements we have done!


Ann Marie said...

Wow! You have been busy!!

My heart is happy for you and Tracy.. as Tracy and Chad are so very much a like in being "handy."

It is a great sense of accomplishment to finish something YOU have worked so hard on!!

I think "sharing rooms" is so very good for kids. Tenney and Mary share a room.. and there is quite an age difference.. and problems arise.. but they work it out.. and I think it teaches them how to get a long with others in future relationships.

The TV room is so YOU!!!! I think it looks cozy and warm by the colors you used.

Way to simplify and use your space well! Awesome changes! Awesome!

Britt said...

The rooms look so nice - love the colors. And we are very much enjoying the bunk bed we inherited from your boys.

I love having kids share rooms. Initially I wanted a boy room and a girl room, but I think we'll end up with a few too many for that. :) But 3 rooms for all the kids is plenty. Our kids love sharing too.

Connie said...

You make your home work for you! I love it! The sconces add so much to the cozy, beautiful, TV room. Love the color of the walls.
The boys' bedroom is perfect! Love the shelves and the desk area! What a blessing to have such a handy hubby. Andy's been doing a lot of woodwork since he got his saw last year. He made all the kids organization boxes for Christmas. They have all asked for more. He's happy to oblige.
I'm so glad you posted these pictures. I'll be showing this post to Andy. I know he's going to get some great ideas!

Heather said...

Those rooms look amazing! You have been super busy!

You inspire me to do things with my new home! You guys are amazing!

I think it is awesome they are sharing a room! Ayla is going to share a room with the baby even though we don't need them to. I think it will help Ayla not feel so scared because she won't be alone.

Our Paper Plates said...

Love it! We only have one child - but I fully intend to have my kids share rooms as our family grows. A T.V. room would be so nice! Too much T.V. noise drives me nutso!!

Garden of Egan said...

Great project!
I love the paint color. It is so warming.

You have been so busy. I bet you love every minute of it.

Candace said...

I love it all. Cole wants a bunk bed with Liam so bad. Too bad the ceilings in his room are too short. Your house is put together so fun. So....did you figure out the TN trip??? My fingers are crossed that it is good news :)