Friday, July 22, 2011

HI-YA! (and children's home rules)

 This year as I look at how hectic and busy our summer has been, 
I reflect on last years summer when Ethan had  
Tae Kwon Do class twice a week for 6 weeks.  
I don't know how we squeezed it into our schedules, but we did.   

We heard SO many kids saying the words "HI-YA" while doing their "kicks" every single class, that it is something we laugh at quite often, especially 
when Ethan is wearing his "HI YA" shirt that says 
"nice to meet you
on the bottom of the foot that is being kicked!  

Last year since I was dealing with such bad arm problems, I didn't get all of the things posted that I wanted to journal and save for memories sake.  

Memories of Tae Kwon Do with Tim Laderman
(albeit, the room only had just a few fluorescent lights on in such a large room and so the photos are NOT good at all, but they are memories, nonetheless)
What I loved most about the Tae Kwon Do class was the 
Children's Home Rules 
that they gave the kids that they had to memorize and repeat each week in class.

I think they are wonderful rules for everyday life...
simple rules and guidelines
that cover every aspect of life and help my kids be respectful to others
and responsible members of our household and society.

Also, great for teaching "Choices" and "Accountability"
and gets kids in the thinking mode.
 I thought I would post them as I thought others may enjoy these rules as well, especially during the summer when we are all striving to have order to our homes and lives.

Children's Home Rules
(1) Children shall greet their parents when they enter the house and tell them goodbye when they leave.
(2) Children shall at all times respect their parents and grandparents.
(3) Children shall at all times be truthful.
(4) Children shall strive for a good relationship with their brothers and sisters.
(5) Children shall willingly help with household chores.
(6) Children shall report to their parents when they have completed assigned tasks.
(7) Children shall be responsible for keeping their rooms neat and clean.
(8) Children shall daily keep their hair, teeth and body clean.
(9) Children shall abide by their parent's decisions.
(10) Children shall not interrupt adult conversations.
(11) Children shall refrain from rowdy behavior at home.
(12) Children shall develop an active mind, body and spirit.
(13) Children shall study hard both at school and at home.
(14) Children shall at all times respect their teachers and peers.
(Children who do not obey their parents, may be reduced in rank...
OR, Kimmie's rule..miss out on fun activities that they want to do!

Great thing to memorize and to keep posted 
so everyone is aware of what is expected of them!  
 It has definitely worked for our family!

 I love my Children's Home Rules
list hanging on my fridge...
it is wonderful!
(Thank you Mr. Laderman!)

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Garden of Egan said...

So great!
I love the rules.
Your kids are so awesome even without Hi-YA!

Great rules for anyone anywhere I agree.