Friday, May 27, 2011

My favorite night of the week!

 Here comes the weekend…

”Every shape of every word you say that breaks the silence of an ordinary day.  Every look that seems to mystify, every single smile that spins me to the sky. It makes me wanna run, it makes me wanna hide. 'Cuz  you're the only one that makes me come alive...” 
Roxette Tourism Album "Here Comes the Weekend"

(photo circa 1994)
I am SO grateful that we are at a point in our lives
 where Tracy and I can connect with each other on a weekly DATE together!  

I have been looking through photos and scanning them into computer and I came across this photo. This was the summer after I had Jade and life was exhausting from getting on a schedule of having a new little bundle of JOY and a nursing baby and there weren't weekly dates happening at this point in our lives.   
SO, I surprised Tracy when he came home from work 
with a little "Candlelight dinner" and movie treats to enjoy an evening at home after Jade was asleep.

Those were the days when we listened to the song "Here comes the weekend" and I would dream about the day, when Date Night would once again return to our lives.

 It’s been a long, tiring month
A month that has had every week (especially, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) filled to the max with school activities, scouting events, family, work and church obligations that it’s been two weeks since I have been on an official FRIDAY NIGHT DATE with the love of my life Tracy!!

Thank goodness for nightly two mile walks around our neighborhood with my sweetie to at least “catch up” and talk without interruptions from the kiddos.

Today, after a week of COLD, dark, dreary days, the sun is shining so beautifully and YES, even though at this moment that I am typing this it is only 36 degrees outside, I am SO excited beyond measure for a
HOT date that I have to look forward to tonight with Tracy!

Too bad that I don’t have 73 degree weather to look forward to like we so very much enjoyed on our date  2 weeks ago on May 13th...

 where I was able to put on a cute skirt, short sleeved shirt
and wear my Chaco sandals, but I am thrilled!!

There is just something 
about driving in the car being able to completely listen to each and every word that we are saying without interruptions from kids, or phone calls.
Listening to music of all genres (depending upon what mood we’re in),  
enjoying gorgeous scenery and amazing sunsets,  
staring at each other and not able to do anything but SMILE as we are talk about our goals and dreams together, 
sharing an entrée for dinner,  
walking hand in hand, 
completely in tune to only each other and no one else  
having one night a week where laughter and smiles are in ABUNDANCE
where nothing else matters but each other and we are able to give each other undivided attention.  

These precious moments in our week 
called D8 NITE 
are treasures to me!

Happy Weekend…
 happy putting the school year to rest for the summer, 
happy 5 days off of work in a row 
to spend with my sweetie AND sons creating wonderful memoires…  

Life is oh SO good 
and I am blessed beyond measure  
with all of the things that truly matter in life!

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Connie said...

Love your picture from 1994! You look good after just having a baby! It's so good that you and Tracy have Date Night. That's why you get along so well and enjoy one another so much!