Monday, November 15, 2010

ABC's of Kimmie!

While I have been busy,
trying to get my thoughts, recipes and presentation together for our Relief Society Super Saturday on this coming Saturday November 20th, I came across an ABC list I had made last year!!

One of my sweet friends "Ann Marie" did a FUN post in June 2009 of ABC's about herself and she gave the challenge to post these about ourselves. I was really excited about this challenge and I created a word document of them, however, forgot about it and came across this past week as I was cleaning out my document folder.

I thought it would be fun 
 to post this for my journal. 
I tried to list things that weren't on my "Kimmies List" I posted last year and so here it goes...

Apples are one of my favorite foods to eat!

Balance….I try and have balance in life. Even though I eat healthy the majority of the time I enjoy splurging once in awhile on a decadent dessert, or enjoying a handful of french fries, or chips, from time to time.

Car doors are always locked. Even if I am just running into a store, I always lock them. It drives Tracy crazy! Speaking of locks…I ALWAYS have my house locked up as well. It is a subconscious gesture and I’m sure when people come over they get frustrated when they go to walk out the front door and the dead bolt is always clicked and locked.

Don’t speed. Always drive the speed limit. Would hate to waste money on a ticket I could have avoided getting.

Early…I have to be 10-15 minutes early to every appointment.

FUN!! I love to have FUN and try and make each day have something FUN about it.

Garbage…I don’t put anything gross in my garbage. Cans always get rinsed out, scraps go to the chickens, egg shells go on the garden. Any loose paper gets recycled.

Holidays!! I love to celebrate holidays, whether it’s the standard holidays, or Chinese New Year, or Cinco day Mayo, or National PIE Day, I love to do FUN out of the ordinary things to add a little enjoyment to life.

Ice…do NOT like ice in my water. In fact, I would rather drink room temperature water than have ice in it.

JOY in the Journey! One of my most favorite talks ever given was by President Thomas S. Monson on “Finding Joy in the Journey”. That one talk has had more effect on me than anything else...truly life changing! It has inspired me to find Joy each day of my life and was the inspiration for my banner at the top of my Blog. I never tire of listening to/reading these words! (here to view it)

Kiss! Love to kiss my hubby and give my kids kisses! I especially love my kids to see their parents kissing. I grew up in a home where my mother always said “Not in the front of the kids Scott” when my dad went to kiss her and that bothered me greatly and so I wanted to make sure my kids to see and know that their parents love and adore each other!

Listener…I really enjoy listening to other people. I find that after talking to people I always know more about them then they know about me because I am always asking questions about their lives and listening to problems, etc....

Menthol Eucalyptus cough drops are our “breath mints”. We’re a little crazy.

NOT Negative! My motto has been and always will be
 “Look on the bright side of life
and I try my best to never be negative in anything I say or do.

Outside! Every chance I get I love to be outside, even if it is just sitting on the porch and eating dinner as a family, enjoying the crickets chirping, watching the birds fly, or the wind flutter through the trees watching a sunrise or sunset or just going for a walk around the block. I am the biggest lover of NATURE! It makes me HAPPY to spend time outside and I love to head to the mountains to go backpacking. One of my favorite quotes is:
I go to nature to be soothed and healed
 and to have my senses put in order”.

PINK... I am a lover of the color pink...especially HOT Pink! I wear pink lipstick, pink blush and my toenails are only ever painted with shades PINK!

Quilts…I LOVE old quilts and love to incorporate them into my home, especially having pieced/handquilted quilts on our beds! (which are getting harder and harder to find..maybe one of these next yeas when my life gets more organized, I will have time to start making quilts of my own)

R I love to READ!! Whether it’s magazines or books, I enjoy spending part of my day enjoying some form of reading.

Sharp Cheese, Sweet Hot Mustard and crackers are a yummy snack to me. Also, I am a SOCK lover and unless I am wearing sandals, I have to always have SOCKS on my feet. DO NOT like to be barefoot.

Tonsils…I don’t have any and so I am always dumping menthol essential oil (aka Sunbreeze) down my throat and always sucking on Menthol cough drops to soothe my throat and to keep from getting a sore throat.

Umbrella…I love to be prepared and so my bag is always stocked with an umbrella so if it’s raining I am never caught off guard.

Vacuum…I love to vacuum and when I do vacuum I have to vacuum myself out of a room so the carpet is perfect and without vacuum marks.

Windex…(actually Glass Plus) I LOVE to have sparkling windows, mirrors, faucets and TV screens and so daily or at least every other day I pull out my window cleaner and make things shine!

X—EXTRA miler! I really like to go the extra mile in everything I do. Although, lately, due to the craziness of my life I have not been as good in this area. Can’t wait to get back to doing sweet and thoughtful things for family and friends.

Yeast! I love to cook with yeast and one of my favorite things to do is to BAKE bread or rolls for my family and friends. LOVE it!!

Zumiez and Hot Topic…I really enjoy going into these stores with my teenage son. While we rarely buy anything, it’s just fun to look at the extreme styles and I’m always amazed that people would actually wear them.

YES, I am still alive...
we finally got the last coat of POLY on our floor Sunday after church.

Five coats later
(each time having to leave the house for a minimum of EIGHT hours at a time) we are finally DONE!!

It is absolutely gorgeous!
I have felt like a woman
without a home for the past 2 weeks.

I haven't been able to cook! When we have coated the floor and we have to leave, I can't work on any projects at home of any kind, respond to emails, be on the computer
(I'm a little jealous of Tracy's iPhone at the moment)
and on these coating days, we have slept in a trailer that Tracy's sister and brother-in-law brought over for us to use so we don't have to breathe the fumes
(a great lifesaver to us I might add and
my kids loved the adventure of sleeping in sleeping bags outside on a school night)

there is finally LIGHT at the end of the tunnel and November 17th we get to start moving in furniture, (so excited for the transformation) I get my STOVE and Fridge back and I finally get to do what I love best...
Oh and for the record,
I could go a year without shopping! We have walked the mall and every store in Idaho Falls SO much these past 2 weeks, that I am "Shopped out"!

I wished we could have gone and soaked in some HOT water at one our favorite soaking spots
"Heise Hot Springs",
but they are closed for maintenance until the day after Thanksgiving!

We have definitely put in many miles of walking these past few weeks and burned LOTS of calories. (which has been a good thing!)

My kids deserve medals
and I appreciate their non-stop patience through all of this! I can't wait to be a mom again as well...have missed snuggling and reading books with my Ethan Kip!

Happy week!!
Be in touch just as soon as I can!


Garden of Egan said...

Oh Kimmie, the floor is sooooooo gorgeous! You have definitely been displaced. I bet you are so excited. I want to come and see it!
Tracey and you did such a beautiful job.
It will be nice to see some regular posts again. I have missed you.

Ann Marie said...

I did this? hahahaha.. I seriously don't remember! Ack! I'm turning into an old woman!!

Even though we are very different.. we are VERY similar too. We are the SAME in many areas. That's why I LOVE to read these tags.. because it helps me "connect" with others!

I too LOVE to Vacuum.. and also vaccuum myself out of the room! We are actually in shopping mode for a new one. Chad has read a ton of reviews.. and we'll see how things go..

Your floors look great! I am excited to see all of your new stuff come together! :)

Britt said...

Your floor looks so nice - how exciting to have done! I loved reading your ABC's last year and enjoyed them again; it's a fun way to get to know a person. I had to laugh about your comment of locking doors - I do the same thing and I'm sure it frustrates people. haha. I also love love love to read. I could waste my life away reading so I have to tell myself "No, you cannot read right now" or "yes, go pamper yourself with a good book." haha. That's how I escape and relax.