Monday, October 19, 2009

Kimmie's List!

I found this quote a few years ago and LOVED it because it fits me perfectly! I am a person that likes to "march to the beat of my own drum" and I really would much rather sit on a pumpkin by myself than to be crowded on a velvet cushion!!

It's a FUN week
at our house this week as Tracy and I have birthdays that are just 2 days apart. Today I am sharing my list of unique things about me.
These are my feelings and thoughts, likes and dislikes at this moment in my life, so that when I look back many years from now I can see what was important to me and how I felt about life.

So, other than things you already know about me like how FAMILY is the number one thing in my life, I thrive on Frugality and being Thrifty, I LOVE nature, LOVE to cook and be healthy and LOVE taking photos and I'm a lover of quotes, LOVE backpacking and enjoying the outdoors and I LOVE to create memories...

Here's a list of quirky, interesting, fun and unique things that make me... ME!
---I don’t have many dislikes in life but here are my Pet peeves…..cold butter on the plate when you have to spread it on bread or pancakes. When someone uses the last paper towel and they just set a roll of paper towels on the counter to use instead of just replacing it. Splatters of water and toothpaste all over the faucet, mirror and counter. Being called “Kim”!

---Favorite movies: "E.T.", Titanic, Calendar Girls, The Saint, Chocolat, The Fugitive, Miss Congeniality, Some Kind of Wonderful, How to lose a guy in 10 days”, Count of Monte Crisco, Bridges of Madison County, Shawshank Redemption, Joe Versus the Volcano

---I LOVE “Little House on the Prairie Series”, “The Sound of Music” and “Lawrence Welk”! (I know I have some diversity with my tastes and likes in movies/programs).

---Favorite treats…I LOVE any kind of berry or apple pie! Raisin oatmeal cookies and homemade bread. I love DARK chocolate Snickers bars and I’m sad it is a rare thing to find them anymore. I also enjoy Almond Joy, Mounds and Reese Sticks. Cinnamon bears and “Ju Ju Fruits” and my favorite of all BLACK licorice!!
(DO NOT like Skittles, Starbursts, Airheads or Sour Patch Kids candy).
---LOVE chewing gum! I enjoy popping it, blowing bubbles and just plain old chewing it! We have gum stocked in all of our cars and plenty in our food storage so we can make sure to always have gum to chew.

---I twirled baton when I was younger AND I also know how to juggle. I think because of these two things that is the reason that I am always tossing things into the air. (dusting polish, pens, balls, etc…) I even throw my dish towel in the air as I’m walking through the house. I enjoy tossing and catching things…it’s a subconscious act.

---I love getting into a bed with cold sheets and then pulling the covers over my head and hunkering to get warm.
---I can’t stand to be barefoot. I have to always have shoes on my feet. I wear Birkenstock slip on shoes around the house and shoes are the first thing (OTHER than lipstick) that I put on when I wake up in the morning.

---I LOVE morning time! I love being up early with just me, my thoughts and the cool morning air. I can accomplish more in 1 hour of the early morning than I can all afternoon. I never tire of my morning time.
I love COLOR!!
---My makeup is VERY colorful. I wear royal blue mascara, green eyeliner, I use my hot pink blush on my cheeks as well as my eyelids and I wear hot pink lipstick. I feel like I look “harsh” in black eyeliner and my pencil thin lips look washed out in just chapstick.

---Along with color I LOVE BOLD colors for my wardrobe…hot pink, bright orange, turquoise. I don't feel like pastels look good on me.

---I like sitting UP in my chair and I am always adjusting the seat in the car to sit me up completely straight! It drives Tracy crazy to sit in a chair or in the car after I have been there.

---I always walk FAST everywhere I go and I always park at the back of the parking lot, even if it’s bad weather, because I like to get as much exercise as I can everyday! Love the “Earth Gym” of getting daily exercise by doing things like brisk walking, pushing a lawn mower rather than riding one, etc….

---I have the world's WORST handwriting! I quit writing in cursive shortly after graduating from High School and since I do so much typing during the day for my work, my handwriting suffers and now is just pretty pathetic to look at. So, as much as I LOVE sending heartfelt notes to friends and families, they are always typed, but SIGNED by me. (although my signature looks like a Doctors signature...pretty much unreadable as well).
(the ever famous..."light bulb with a dent in it" hairstyle that I had in High School---I can't belive that this style ever looked good to me).

---I LOVE to shift gears when I am driving a car. I have driven a standard car for so many years when I drive an automatic I feel like I’m going to get in a wreck.

---I really believe that LAUGHTER is the best medicine and when I am around Tracy his laugh is SO contagious and I always have a good belly laugh!

---I LOVE to read “vanity plates” and figure out what they say. For that matter, I just love WORDS in general and love to READ and love doing “Word Searches”!

---I love to take red or black licorice and tie it into knots and then eat it.

---I am a NON-padded bra kind of girl and can only wear a front clasp bra NON-padded bra!

---I haven’t bought a purse for 6 years. I just LOVE the purse that I have. It is practical, functional and it might not be the newest COLOR or STYLE, but I love it and hope I still have it many years from now!

---I like practical footwear and I don’t even own a pair of HEELS! For business casual I like my Doc Martens BUCKLE shoes, or my Keens. For summer I wear Birkenstocks and Chaco sandals and for every day life I wear my Merrill slip-ons. For church I have a pair of Brown and pair of Black 2 inch wide heels to wear with my church attire.
I am a LOVER of music!!
---I love to put on Black Eyed Peas, Ace of Base, The Killers, Depeche Mode, Def Leppard to DANCE and be energized or to enjoy while driving in the car. For easy listening I LOVE Ronan Hardiman, The Secret Garden, Enya, Yanni, Williams Classical Guitar.

---I LOVE Mormon Tabernacle Choir and I LOVE symphonic Orchestra concerts!

---I LOVE to listen to NPR on my morning commute to work.

---I LOVE to sing...Especially when no-one is around!

---My favorite “look” for my wardrobe, is a plain white shirt with a cute button or crocheted sweater, OR, sheer shirt over it. I jazz it up with a spunky necklace.
---6 years ago I found my dream pair of jeans and I have been buying them ever since. My jeans in my wardrobe consist of light and dark “Levis Strauss…low-rise boot-cut Stretch” jeans. I don’t have any other jeans other than this brand/style. It’s nice after so many years of trying to find pants to fit me to actually find something!

---I do NOT like to be late!! I have to be 10 to 15 minutes early to everything!

---I have pierced ears, but after having little babies and having my holes get enlarged I haven’t worn earrings for years. It’s kind of sad, because I have more earrings than anyone else I know.
---I very much am a HOPELESS Romantic! I love Romance and Love and I'm passionate about keeping the SPARK alive in our marriage. The first year we were married I bought a book “Have a Love Affair with your Husband” and I am always reading books to find out FUN ways to keep marriage EXCITING!! (My favorite books for this are: ”Light his Fire” and “How can we light a fire when the kids are driving us crazy”!)

---I LOVE crazy socks! Every pair of socks that I buy has some kind of color or colorful pattern to them. My kids have never had WHITE tube socks…their socks are all colorful!!

---The first time I bought my kids white socks is for Ethan to play soccer and Jade to have socks for his running shoes. Other than that…COLORFUL socks are what fill our drawers!
---I do not own a slip! I feel that by wearing our “Unmentionables”, bra, nylons, and a dress why do we need anymore layers. I threw away my slip when I went to college and my mom noticed and gave me a slip for my first anniversary of marriage. It got sent on as well!

---I do NOT like to spend money on meaningless things like crafts, etc….I used to do this, but the past few years of life changing experiences have made it where I don’t crave to go out and spend money. If I have something on my counter, table, etc…. I want it to be useful and functional as well as look pretty. Other than my curio and my entry shelf, everything else in my house serves a useful purpose. I don’t care HOW good of a DEAL it is---even if it’s free…if it won’t be useful than I won’t purchase it or bring it into my house.

---I LOVE people watching! I really enjoy going to malls or the store and just observing people!
---I’m finally starting to celebrate my thin straight hair. The older I get the more days I have a straight look to my hair, although I absolutely LOVE styling and curling my hair!!

---I LOVE my “A-line” style haircut and I can’t stand having my ears show and so I like have my hair shorter in the back and longer in the front, hence my LOVE for A-line/bobbed haircuts! (LOVE that "Roaring 20's" look!)
---I hate to spend money, especially on things that I could make for so much cheaper at home. I do NOT like getting my own entrée at a restaurant and Tracy and I always get something and split it.

---I also HATE to waste food. I get stressed out when I see food being wasted! Lots of starving people in the world and it makes me feel bad when I see people wasting.
---I am a LOVER of Art! I enjoy looking at paintings and photos of all kinds. I wish I was more artistic as I can’t even draw a stick figure. I LOVE that I am married to a creative person. He can doddle and draw, build and never ceases to amaze me with his talents!

---I’m thankful for Blogging because I love to be creative and Blogging has allowed me to be able to express my creativity through writing, photos and cooking. I love this outlet that I have in my life.

---I do NOT like nylons of any kind. If I have to wear something with my dresses I choose to wear tights or knee socks/boots. I have never bought a pair of “Nude” or tan nylons in my life. My tights consist of white, cream and black.
---I LOVE my old ’92 Nissan Sentra and I proudly drive it everywhere I go! We bought it brand new and I hope it keeps running for many more years! I have no desire to buy a new car until we are completely out of debt and we can pay cash for it.

---I am a very devoted friend and cherish friendships and it is an important aspect in my life to keep in touch with my friends.

---20 years ago I used to get comments all of the time on how white my teeth were. Now, since the age of “whitening products” that hasn’t happened.
---I don’t like contention at all and I try to avoid contention at all costs!! I am always quick to apologize and I am NOT a grudge holder!

---I really believe that life is an adventure it’s meant to be ENJOYED to the fullest. Grateful, for a family that lets us really enjoy life!
---My poor hands are the last thing on my body to ever get any attention! I have UGLY hands and my poor fingers are sausage fingers. HOWEVER, my feet make up for it. I love my feet and they get plenty of TLC….toenails always painted colorful, heels filed. I love everything about my feet! If it can be said, my feet are cute and sexy.

---I don’t own a cell phone and don’t really feel I need one. I drive 30 miles (round trip) to work and back and if I did have a car breakdown between work and home there are LOTS of nice people I could ask if I could borrow their phone to call Tracy. And after work I am home for the rest of the day and we have a phone at home and so I don’t see the need to have one.
---I am a versatile kind of gal….I LOVE to get all gussied up to head on a date with my hubby or head to work, or church, but, I LOVE to head to the hills and camp/hike and get dirty. I LOVE gardening and digging in the dirt. I’m never too good to get a little dirty. It’s all good!!

---I LOVE to get dressed up sexy and cute for my hubby! I love to surprise him with little outfits and I can tell you that I always spruce up my hair, put on fresh lipstick and a little body spray to greet him with a kiss at the door when he comes home from work.
I LOVE being Tracy’s wife!

---I am a VERY happy and cheerful person and I have never suffered from depression, of which I am SO grateful! “Always look on the bright side of lifeis my motto and I try to be positive about most everything in life, especially things that you can’t change.
---I am actually kind of a SHY person and at parties I LOVE to sit and people watch and definitely don’t like to be the center of attention.

---Even though I am shy and not someone who likes to be the center of attention, I enjoy very much leading the music in Sacrament meeting each week and never get stage fright (there is kind of a “dichotomy” going on there).
(these photos are just after I had got done riding the SAMURAI at Lagoon...I was NOT feeling well!)

---I LOVE to befriend
people who don’t have many friends. I enjoy it SO much and would much rather be on the sidelines with someone who genuinely cares then part of a crowd of people who don’t.

---Something that goes along with “being shy” is I LOVE to do things anonymously! I would much rather take a goodie to someone and leave it on their doorstep and brighten their day then to actually present it to them in person. (sometimes, even jars of money get left). I love to do sweet things in secret and don’t like to be given praise or attention.
---I’m always mixing up metaphors. My most embarrassing moment was when I went to ask a member of our Bishopric how things were going. (they had some stress in their home that week and I was trying to think should I ask him…“How are things going?”, OR,”Are you hanging in there okay?” What came out of my mouth is “How’s it hanging?” (it’s a good thing he had good sense of humor).

---I had 2 great accomplishments in 1988----I was listed in the National Achievement Academy award book for honors in Spanish AND I won “Miss Congeniality” in the Dairy Princess Pageant!
---I have a mild PHOBIA of phones. I had a situation at college that has stuck with me and everytime I hear a phone ring I stress out. It drives Tracy crazy! I actually don’t like to talk on the phone as well and always try and find a way to give the phone to Tracy to talk. Although, I really enjoy talking to close friends on the phone!

---I have little boxes of TREASURES! My boxes are full of love notes, letters, programs from concerts, trinkets, etc… and I love to pull them out and read them and look at them a few times each year.
---I have awesome memories from all 4 seasons—there is not a season that I love anymore than the next. I cherish each moment of time in each season that I get to enjoy with my family.

---I’m a nerd, but I LOVE my digital watch. I have a beautiful dressy watch that I wear with my dresses, but I LOVE my digital watch. I won’t be making one of the latest craze BEAD watches. Sorry. I'm just not a "frilly" person and like simple things and so I am happy with the functionality of my digital watch.

---$25.00 wedding band—I love my simple wedding band and I don’t long for anything else. It is a sterling silver band with Sego Lily cutouts around the band. I NEVER long for diamonds at all. SIMPLE is best and SIMPLE is ME!

---I ALWAYS get a red neck when I am nervous. YES, I could never lie or get away with anything, because anytime I get nervous or stressed out my neck gets all blotchy and it is a dead giveaway!

Favorite place to be
(besides anywhere with Tracy)…
sitting on the beanbag reading to my kids!

(Nursing Ethan as we were hiking up to go through the Lewis and Clark Caverns)

---I LOVED nursing my kids! That is the thing I miss most about having little ones is nursing them. I LOVED every moment of it! There is just nothing more sweet than watching a baby suckle on his mommy!

---I am comfortable in my own skin and don’t have any body shame. I celebrate my body with flaws and all! I have a really bad surgical scar on my collarbone (that is 1/2" wide and about 5 inches long) from when I was 11 and have never felt a desire or need to cover it up, even though it’s not the prettiest sight to look at. It’s my body and I love it! I love the size of my chest and the size of my behind. I am really content with myself! Although, I definitely need to do some toning and be more active, but, nonetheless, life is good.

Besides, as a good friend once told me…you need to LOVE the body you have today…flaws and all. You can't live in yesterday's body or tomorrow's body.
I have a body! What a privilege! And, nothing I do in the next 24 hours will significantly change my body anyway... so you have to just learn to love it how it is right now (that doesn't mean you can't have a desire to make it better in the future, but “self-loathing” doesn't help towards this end).

---I can drive a semi-truck and unload a grain truck!

---WATER is my drink of choice! Other than herbal tea, or homemade lemonade, I rarely drink anything else. (Besides, I don't want to waste my calories on liquid calories as I would much rather save my calories for something YUMMY for dessert!)

---Speaking of Calories, I actually always seem to be subconsciously counting calories and it is very rare for me to overeat.

---Have to always have LOTION and lipstick! I have lotion and lipstick in every car, my purse, kitchen drawer, my swim bag, etc....Cant ever be without these 2 things.

---I had a Sociology class in college and I just LOVED my professor (Hal Hunter). Often when he came to class he had just had a spirited, competitive game of racquetball with the love of his life Marilyn during his lunch hour. During the course as we came to the section on marriage and family, he discussed his relationship with Marilyn and made the statement: "When I married Marilyn, she wasn't just one more person added to my ever growing circle of friends... she BECAME my circle of friends"! (this doesn't mean that he doesn't have many good friends... he was simply emphasizing the singular importance he placed in his relationship with Marilyn).

I am that exact same way. I want to experience the majority of my life with Tracy…I don’t want to do anything unless I can enjoy it with Tracy and so therefore, I don’t crave to go out with girl friends, neighbors, etc….
(We sure love this little tent trailer of ours and we have had LOTS of good times with it...We LOVE when we are on a trip and it's time to stop and make lunch!)

---I LOVE clean looks. A few years ago I took down all of my greenery and window valances and I just LOVE a nice clean look with just a few simple frames/ objects on a shelf wall, but DON”T like the messiness and dealing with dusting greenery. Love WOOD BLINDS on my windows because they can be cleaned easily and they aren’t dust collectors like fabric is.

---I don’t like change at all! I never get an inkling to rearrange my furniture at all. I have figured out what I like and I don’t want to change it. Old habits die hard!

---I don’t like to waste money and so when there is something at a restaurant that I know is good then I will keep on getting that rather then trying something new because I don’t want to spend money and then not have it turn out. HOWEVER, I do like to try NEW things and when we have gone on our cruises I only like to eat things that I have never tried before!! (I just don't like to spend my money on something that isn't "tried and true").

---My eyes are sensitive to the sun and so anytime I am outside I have to be wearing SUNGLASSES!!
(these photos are SO funny...Ethan was scared of Santa)

Whenever I hear music and my legs are crossed I will lead the music with my foot (Either 3/4 time, OR, 4/4 time, etc…).

---Love to have my toes popped!

---DON’T like ICE in my water. I would rather drink room temperature water...that way I can guzzle it!

---I really believe that it doesn’t matter how my hair looks, or what my clothes look like, but the most important thing a person can put on each day is a SMILE!!!
---Love the innocence of little kids and their honesty! It’s sad that somehow while growing up we learn to LIE for many aspects of life instead of being truthful like little kids.

---I don’t like to waste time watching meaningless TV….if I watch TV it is because we are watching a movie, OR, I’m watching my favorite programs….”LOST”, or, “The Office”. Other than that, you won’t find me sitting in front of the TV.

---I'm a multi-tasker hate to waste time! I love to be busy all of the time and I am a very efficient “Multi-tasker”. My drawers and closets may not be the most organized things in the world, but my TIME is very organized.
---The older I get the more “Round” my face gets. I sometimes find it challenging to think I look pretty when I look at photos of myself, or look in the mirror at my round, jowly face.

---I am a bird lover and I am always Looking UP to see if I can spot a bird flying, on a telephone pole or in a tree.

---I hate to shave my legs!! I can go for weeks in the winter without ever shaving my legs. (it’s a “time thing”…I am always hurrying in the shower to get ready in the morning and so my legs are the last thing to get attention). HOWEVER, the “Netherlands” and armpits, are always shaved weekly! (smile!)

---I will NOT buy cheap candy for Halloween or any holiday! I would rather spend $20.00 extra and give out good stuff than cheap candy. My motto is…."I will only buy for others what I would buy for my own children"!
My only regret in life is that I didn’t finish college while we were newly married (I worked while Tracy went to school).
I would have loved to have either been an
ENGLISH teacher or a NURSE!
Other than this, I have no regrets!
After 39 wonderful years of life...
it just doesn't get any better than this!


Britt said...

What an amazing list you've compiled. That had to take a lot of time! I really enjoyed reading through all of it and looking at your cute pictures. What a wonderful way to get to know you even more.

I just can't get over what an awesome keepsake you've just compiled for your children. You're incredible!

Connie said...

Wow! It's so good to get to know you better! I can tell that you're a happy person and that you love your family. It shows in all your posts!
Happy Birthday to you and to Tracy!

Genessa said...

I love your posts they are always so fun! Happy Birthday!

Ann Marie said...

Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday dear Kimmie.. Happy Birthday to you!

I wish I could call you.. but now I'm kinda scared to! LOL!


So much to say.. and so many pictures that were so beautiful!!

You were a darling little girl.. Loved all of the photos.. even with the HAIR! ( ha-ha )

It's so weird that we read each others blogs.. and have become friends because we are SOOO different. :) I think I had maybe 15 things in commen with you.. but otherwise.. I think why does she come to my blog again??? :)

The thing that makes us most alike was this simple quote " I would much rather be on the sidelines with someone who genuinely cares... then part of a crowd of people who don't! " ~ My sentiments exactly.
Maybe that's why I like you so much.
Your a real girl.. and your happy! :)

Do you know that I havent worn a watch in like 15 years?? And now that these bead watches are out.. I will wear one! :) ~ I told you.. we are different.. :)Bead Watches = Ann Happiness! ha-ha

Anyway.. for your birthday.. I want to list 5 reasons why I love you!

1- Your genuine. It's the little things you know?? I loved that when I was all mad at the concert ( when Chad had to take the camera back ) you had waited the whole time in the foyer for ME! ~ I know that seems like a small thing.. but it made me happy!

2- You are so thoughful.
I LOVE when I get e-mails from you after comments. It always makes my day.. because you are so positive.

3- You are a light. As the scripture says " Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven.." ---You come to mind. You are a shining example.. and radiate light.

4- Your love for your husband and children... I'm sure 3/4 of this post says I love Tracy.. or I love my kids.. and that is soooo wonderful! Not many people are in loving/happy relationships.. and it is so good that you proclaim it daily!

5- You can cook! I have always considered myself a good cook.. until I started reading blogs... them I felt like a bad Mom..
I love that you make EVRYTHING yummy as well as healthy. People would be wise to jot down everyone of your recipes.. since your food is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

I'm glad we are friends Kimmie.
Love you and hope Tracy spoils you.. and your day is HAPPY!!!!!!

Small House said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It was nice reading all about you! You are certainly a positive person, and your life and what you do with it shows that!! It's refreshing to read how much you love your husband. It sounds as if you two adore each other, and look forward to spending time with each other! LOVE IT!

I to am a Lawrence Welk fan. I thought I was the only one left. I even went to A Lawrence Welk concert when I was younger. HAHAHAHA

I hope you have a wonderful day today. That you do something to wonderful to celebrate!
Have a good day!!!

The Garden of Egan said...

What a fun way to get to know you better! Sheesh you are exciting and wonderful. That's quite a list and you've lived well.
Love your smile!

Cherie said...

Kimberly - All of a sudden I am wondering if I ever called you Kim - If I did I am so sorry!
Anywhooo - Happy Happy Birthday to you and your dear Hubby! How fun to have your birthdays in the same week!
Did I tell you I will be there to visit you in 2 weeks? NO? Well I am coming to visit my daughter and hope to be able to finally meet you!! Whoo Hooo!!

I loved this post - It was WAY long and I learned so much about you. We have so many things in commong but yet, so many things that are different!
Some Standouts: I also LOVE Black licorice and never meet anyone else who does.
I love color - My roommates in college used to tease me because I had pants in every color of the rainbow - I love bright colors - just love to be colorful and I do not look good in pastels either (with the exception of pink) but even then I like a bright or dark pink.
I also walk fast and because of that so do all my kids. Whenever I am with a friend or take care of a friends kids and they walk slow I am constantly saying "let's speed up a bit" ha ha.
The bra thing just cracked me up!
I keep my purses forever too!
I really relate to "Life Is An Adventure" that is practically my motto to. It is why we have always and are always on the go and doing interesting things. I don't like to feel that a minute is being wasted!
My hands - also worst feature on me.
OK I am going to stop comparing us right there but there are more things on the list that we have in common! You just rock!!

I like all the things that are uniquely YOU too!!
You are going to enjoy looking back on this post in 25 years!!

Have a GREAT day!! :D

Cherie said...

P.S. Forgot to comment on all the cute pictures (that I just went back and looked at again!).
Ethan sure looks like you!
I LOVE the lightbulb hair - So funky!!
You are just beautiful :D

T. L. C. said...

Kimmie...I have learned and enjoyed SO MUCH of reading this. It was a breath of fresh air to come home and read this from a pretty stressful day at the hospital.

There is SO MUCH that caught my attention but first I must say that I HAVE to meet you oneday. I just HAVE TOO. You are the most passionate person I have ever met/read. If I can go through life with just 10% of your attitude and color for life...I will leave this world a happy woman.

Okay, first up I SO {and I mean SOOOO} know what you mean about leading the music. I have led the music in RS for 6 years and was just informed that they will be changing that in January and so with each Sunday my heart breaks just a litte because I love it so.
Sometimes at night and i cant get to sleep...i will hum a hymn and lead the music in the air while in the dark! It will go down in my life as a precious calling to me.

Quotes. OH how I love quotes! I collect them and i was wondering if you have a quote book? I do and it's just a really pretty journal i bought back when i was 14 and every quote or line that strikes a spark gets plotted in the quote book. If you don't...I'm sending you one :)

Next up is your passion for your husband. He truly is your best friend and if is conveyed so deeply in everything you write.

I love how your honest. What you see, what you write, pictures you share...tell it like it is and I as a reader...appreicate that.

Thank you for being ray of sunshine to this life and finding yourway into my heart as a friend...and I promise I
WILL meet you someday.

Have a very Happy Birthday and I'll be thinking of you and wishing you a great day!

T. L. C. said...

Okay, just saw all my silly spelling mistakes! Oops! Oh and the bra thing...CRACKED me up!

And you srsly. have the best smile. Truly.

Candace Taylor said...

Happy Birthday Kimberly!!! I have been thinking about you today!! Tracy told me a while ago that you didn't like to be called Kim. I felt bad because I think I have called you Kim ever since I was little. It has become I habit that I am trying to break. I loved your post today and all the fun pictures! I also hate spending money on useless decor and those beaded watches kill me! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!! I think you are awesome!!So glad you are my Aunt! BTW I happen to like your handwriting!

Doran & Jody said...

Wow! Will you do this for me too?

Did I read Honeyville on your ball picture? Did you go to Box Elder school?