Saturday, October 31, 2009

"This is Halloween..."

What a FUN time we had this year for Halloween!
Since Halloween was on a Saturday this year we actually got to celebrate for 2 days!
Tracy downloaded the song "This is Halloween" from "The Nighmare Before Christmas" from iTunes and we listened to this all day in the house, in the car everywhere we went and the kids begged for him to keep playing it.

The kids got to dress up for school and Ethan was the cutest little Mad Scientist ever!! I am just cherishing the few years I have while he is still little and SO excited about life.
This was the EASIEST Costume ever.
I used one of Tracy's old church shirts for his lab coat. We were given the glasses at a Harry Potter promotion at Barnes and Noble and I just purchased a can of silver hairspray paint "Ratted out " his hair to make it crazy and sprayed it silver and then added a little make up on his face and he was done!
Look how adorable he is!
His lab coat said
"Doctor Franken-Smith!!

My little adorable Ethan Kip!!
YES, as you can see, we got snow on Friday!!

Ethan was REALLY excited
to make "potions" and so we added some salsa to water to make this bloody concoction!

Another potion....
we added green food coloring to the red mixture to come up with this potion. Ethan was SO much fun and kept on making silly faces. I don't think I've ever had more fun taking photos of my kids than this day with Ethan.

Jade after his Halloween Dance
he went to. He was cold and had a long day and this was the only photo I was able to get of him.

Jade decided he wanted to be a "Hippie" this year for Halloween and wanted us to make him a "Tie-dyed" shirt and so since I was making one shirt I decided to make 4 shirts to make use of the dye. For less than $22.00 we tie-dyed 5 shirts. ($15.00 for the shirts and around $6.00 for RIT Dye).
This was something we did for Monday Family Night and the kids got to choose what colors they dyed their shirts and they were in charge of making their own shirt. The excitement they had was priceless to watch!
FUN Family Memory!


We actually are a family that likes to go ALL OUT for Halloween with being dressed to kill in whatever costume we are wearing. I actually had hideous hippie boots, flare legged jeans with inserts Tracy had sewn at the bottoms (true RETRO ugly high waisted jeans), but in the vein of simplifying life we pared down our costume box from four large totes to one tote last Spring and so our costumes this year weren't as "decked out" as they usually have been in years past.
As we were getting ready we had a small "pang" of "why did we send on all that cool costume stuff" (for LOTS of different costumes including my black wig for being a gypsy-witch)?

HOWEVER, now that Halloween is over, I'm steadfast in my thoughts that Halloween was plenty "fun enough" and I'm SO glad we resisted buying more costume accessories to clutter our already cluttered basement.
"Far Out Man"!!

I was able to catch my neighbor before we left to go to the Halloween Concert to snap some quick photos of us all dressed up!
I LOVE them!!

Our Yearly tradition
and something I think I look forward to more than anything else all year is the
Annual Halloween Symphonic Orchestra concert at BYI-I.
It's such a FUN way to introduce your kids to the arts and to classical music.
They always have a theme and this year it was SUPER HEROS! The stage was decorated like Gotham City and all of the people in the orchestra were dressed up in costumes. It was SO much fun to see Ethan get SO excited when they played songs from Batman, The Incredibles and Superman.

Here are the songs that they played.
Batman Suite.............................Danny Elfman
I. The Batman Theme
II. Flowers
III. Love Theme
IV. The Jokers Poem
V. Up the Cathedral
VI. Waltz to the Death
VII. Final Confrontation
VIII. Finale

End Credits from
"The Incredibles"
.........Michael Giacchino

The Ride of the Valkyries............Richard Wagner

The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra........Benjamin Britten
Variations and Fugue on a Theme of Purcell

Superman March...........John Williams

It was SO fun being at the concert all dressed up as a family!
The last of our Halloween night...
after the concert I snapped these last 2 photos. Ethan was being SO funny and really getting into "posing" for photos.
Sad that Halloween is over for another year!
However, I'm really looking forward to November, Thanksgiving and the rest of the holidays.
I'm sure sad to lose that hour of light at the end of the day, but I am going to enjoy an extra hour as we had to turn back the clocks tonight.

Now, if I can just get the song "This is Halloween" out of my head as it has been going through my head all day and night! Hopefully, I won't have this going through my head while we're at church. (wink).


Britt said...

How fun! I love your photos and the shirts you made. What a great idea! I had never heard of the Halloween concert until this year - it looks like a lot of fun. I had a friend offer 7 tickets to us, because they came down with the swine flu; unfortunately, my kids chose to go trick or treating instead. Why do kids love candy so much? haha.

Ann Marie said...

How fun and creative you are!

I love that your family had a theme.. and you all had fun!

My family would have LOVEd to have been able to see that concert. They are kind of obsessed *much* with Batman.. superman.. Starwars and John Williams.. so they would have been in L♥ve!

Glad you Halloween was Happy!

PS: Ethan could have just used some of that "supertonic" with his mad scientist stuff.. Since it's for real home brewed... :)

Cherie said...

Loved your family Halloween Costumes! You guys look great!
It is never quite the same once they leave home so you are right to enjoy and savor every moment :D

I LOVE Ethan's Mad Scientist costume. That was the party theme for Trent's last birthday and I do not think it gets much funner than that. Love his hair and glasses and all the cute pictures. So fun!! He's a lucky boy he got 2 costumes this year. What a great mom :D
The do a Symphonic Orchestra Concert for families here every Christmas and we love it. It totally is a great way to teach kids about wonderful music - I love the idea of having it around Halloween and the Superhero's theme is really cool!! That is neat that you guys partake in that. There are so many good things happening in every community if you just look for the opportunity.
You are all such a fun family!!!

Connie said...

You are one groovy family! What fun Halloween traditions you have, dressing up as a family, the concert. You are a great mom and have a super family.
I'm glad you shared this with us. So much fun!

The Garden of Egan said...

Wow! Peace out! You are all so groovy! Love the shirts.
I'm glad Halloween is over so I can get on with my favorite holiday! I LOVE Thanksgiving!