Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunshine for the Soul...Sunday!

"The rich fire of the orange sunset
gloriously announces the coming of night".

My second favorite time of the day...
This is a bitter sweet time of year in the fact that we are off daylight savings and we finally have that hour back that we lost in the Spring.
However, that means that by 6:00 at night it is completely dark and I have such a hard time being motivated when it's dark out.
I am always amazed at how energized the Sun makes me feel, and it's not until I don't have it there that I realize how much it truly does for my
spirit, attitude and motivation!
SO, since the days are shorter, it means Tracy and I are out trying to enjoy as many amazing sunsets as we can.
The sunsets
this time of year are spectacular and they almost don't look real when you snap photos of them.
The BRIGHT orange sky
warms me up and makes me happy and able to enjoy the last few minutes of daylight before the stars appear and the darkness of night sets in.

The earth truly is a wondrous and beautiful place and even though darkness sets in earlier this time of the year I am grateful that the night time is gloriously announced with such beautiful, breathtaking color to enjoy!
If we didn't have the darkness of night, we would never love and appreciate how wonderful the daylight and sunshine really is!
Loving and Savoring every moment of life!
"It's All Good"!


Connie said...

Great thought. Beautiful picture of the sunset. It's true that we do need opposition to appreciate what we have. Since it gets dark so early, it feels late when it's only 7:30 at night. I'll call someone and apologize for calling so late!
Hope your Sunday is a good one!

Higgs Happenin's said...

I'm convinced Idaho has the best sunsets in the world! Everywhere I go I look at sunsets, even when I was on a boat in the ocean in Costa Rica at sunset, it didn't beat Idaho. Pretty picture!

Brenda said...

Beautiful! Great reminder to ENJOY everything this life has to offer. Thanks!

Cherie said...

Love the Sunset pictures! I had to take a picture on my drive home because I just had this amazing view of a beautiful sunset.
I too love Idaho sunsets - why do they seem so colorful?? They just really are and it is so nice!

And I agree - We do need the darkness to appreciate the light - and all the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets - isn't there a song about that...oh but now I am off subject.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Sondra said...

I hate daylight savings time... I am tired all the time until my system gets used to it.

Beautiful sunset pictures... I love 4 season... but it's hard to lose the sun light during the winter. But, I guess you do appreciate it more when it comes back.

I love that you joined the vampire teeth group. Have you read Twilight yet?? snicker.. At least you look the part. I'm glad you met Cherie - she is such an awesome lady.

I have to tell you that I made the Tomatoes soup today. The tomatoes I picked green have been turning red and I decided there wasn't enough to really can more then 2 jars - so I opted to make the soup. Today was the first day and it was really good - can't wait until tomorrow to taste it again.

I also made your French bread. It was yummy too. My question is that I have red wheat - you must have white wheat?? Mine didn't look as golden as yours did - but it was yummy. Thanks again for all of your delicious recipes.

Small House said...

Wonderful post!! The pictures are gorgeous. I miss the sunset, with so many trees on the west side of our home. Sometimes I take a little drive when the sun sets, so I can watch it.

I've enjoyed catching up. Looks like your family had a great time on Halloween. The GROOVY T-shirts looked fun. And as always, I enjoy the recipes that you share!

Your blog is so fun to visit!!! Thanks for sharing your positive thoughts, and always inspiring me.