Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunshine for the Soul...Sunday!

"Have reverence for the Earth
in all its breathtaking beauty"!

August 1st, 2009
WaterFalls from our favorite Primitive Hot Springs. I took this photo from an awesome hike that Tracy and I went on yesterday!
I LOVE every season because there are so many things to enjoy. However, summer is definitely at the top because we get out hiking, backpacking, camping and we go for long drives through the country. By doing these things we get to see SO many beautiful sights and breathtaking scenery!!

What a beautiful world we live in...
even the desert has its own beauty as I witnessed this week.
The older I get the more I stop to pause and
"Have reverence for the Earth and all its breathtaking beauty"!

Feeling so grateful to have all of my senses
so I can fully experience all of the
beauty that so abundantly surrounds me!!

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Tracy Smith said...

Hey there hunny bunny... I am at work and I really should be heading home right now to be with you and the boys but I was browsing through your blog and noticed this post was looking mighty lonely and needed at least ONE comment, LOL! My comment is: I was so happy and loving my special weekend with you sooo much when you snapped the photo featured in this post. What a beautiful location to enjoy the day with the love of your life!