Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunshine for the Soul...Sunday!

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
Live the life you have imagined.”
~~Henry David Thoreau

(my photos are clickable)
Death Canyon Shelf 2006
(the Tetons are in the background)
Only 3 more weeks until we are once again backpacking
in the Grand Teton/Jedidiah Smith Wilderness area---I can't wait!
I LOVE hiking in this area and it is what I look forward to all year long!

I LOVE the above quote...because sometimes it's tempting to do what other people are doing because we don't dare to be "Different" and chase our own dreams and passions. I learned quite a few years ago that I had dreams that were different than others around and so I decided I'm going to embrace my dreams and I'm going to live the life I have always imagined!!
(even though they are different than my friends/family)

My dreams are FREEDOM from the stress of debt
(only 4 years and 5 months to go)
and most of all to have more TIME...
Time to backpack and hike ALL we want because
we don't have to live for vacations and "3 day weekends".

Time to spend more quality time with friends and family instead of always having to RUSH from one thing to the next.

TIME to give more service to others and to travel to third world countries and help children less fortunate.

TIME to prepare and get in shape and so I can run the Teton Dam Marathon

TIME to chase my dreams of...
---bicycling with Tracy from Coast to Coast (Oregon to Maine)
---Traveling Highway 1 on a motorcycle with Tracy
---and backpacking and hiking the entire Appalachian Trail
(or at least some of it)
and most of all TIME and money to TRAVEL and see more of this beautiful world that we live in with My Family. I want to see and experience things in real life and not just by looking at photos and reading books!!

YES, I hope that all of us can be confident enough to go in the direction of our dreams and truly live the LIFE we have always Imagined!!

We each hold the road map to our lives and we can steer ourselves in any direction we choose to go and make our dreams become realities!!


Cherie said...

You have some really great goals!

We really love to travel too - it is an amazing world we live it.

Highway 1 was our honeymoon 25 years ago (by car though - hee hee). It is definately a good one to go on alone with your hubby - it is VERY romantic!!

I love that you want to bicycle coast to coast - You and Tracy have got to be the most physically active couple I know. It is wonderful!!

Love your picture above. I clicked on it but really couldn't make out the people so I am guessing it is you and Tracy.

You are an inspiration with wonderful, happy, inworldly goals!
Have a wonderful Sunday!!

Cherie said...

That should say "unworldly". I love how humble and down to earth you and your family are!!

Sondra said...

Your life road map is so clear of the path you want to take. I love that. I love that you only have 4 year and 5 months to be out of debt. That is surely a stress reliever. You two are the perfect team and the life you live.

I love it when we head to the mountains and enjoy all this world has to offer. It's a little tougher being a single woman - maybe I should be braver to camp and hike more. Life is soooo much easier with a nice strong protector like Tracy - lucky girl!

I love the "road" you have taken in your life. Most of all I love the "family" time. To me that is more precious than anything in life. Time spent together.

This made me really think about my own life road and what do I want out of life. It's different when your plans don't turn out as you always dreamed they would. I need to re-evaluate a better road map for the future. Thanks for making me think - instead of going mindless through each day - day after day. I need to make some goals.

Brenda said...

I just stumbled onto your blog...LOVE all the recipes! Thanks a ton! Wonderful!

Ann Marie said...

What GREAT goals and dreams!
You are such a positive girl, and I feel lucky to know you through blogging! Love ya..

Small House said...

Love your post today. You have some wonderful goals you have set. Love how they include your husband!!

You are right, we decide the road we'll take. Sometimes I find it intimidating to live life as I have imagined. I think I'm getting better at it the older I get though.

I enjoy visiting your blog so much. It's always so positive and uplifting. Gives me something to think about!!!

Have a great day.

Britt said...

How awesome to be almost out of debt!

Sometimes it can be hard to do what everyone else is not doing, but I think that's when we really prove to ourselves who we really are. Homeschooling was my hurdle to overcome in not doing what everyone else was doing - because everyone is definitely not doing that. :)

I love all of your goals and ambitions. We hope to join you on the hike!