Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Life is for Living!!

(first there is a reason for this post and I will tell about it after the photos).

I LOVE quotes, thoughts and stitched art!
Here are some of my favorites I have in my home!
In fact, I love thoughts and quotes so much I have a notebook in my purse
and I'm always jotting down things when we are out and about.
It's one of my hobbys and joys...
being surrounded with positive, uplifting thoughts!

(my entry shelf)
this actually changes monthly!

(in my Living Room)

(by my Piano)

Now for my thoughts on "Life is for Living"!
As I was folding laundry yesterday I noticed that 2 more of Ethans pants had holes in the knees. Out of 6 pairs of pants, 5 of them have holes in the knees of them and I have had to put knee patches on every one of the knees!

As I was feeling a little aggravated yesterday,
I looked at a quote I have in my Living Room
"In all living have much fun and laughter...
Life is to be enjoyed not just endured"!

(Gordon B. Hinckley)

A light bulb went off in my head as I thought "Ethan is just ENJOYING life" and that is what happens when you enjoy life....Pants wear out!

So, I am excited that I at least won't have to buy any shorts for summer!
That's a positive note!
So, next time I notice splashes all over my bathroom mirror and faucets, crumbs on the floor, stains on the carpet, finger prints all over my sliding glass door, worn out and stained clothes, and many other things that annoy me.....

I will remember the JOY of having little children in my home
and have gratitude that I am at such an important stage of my life of raising kids
and we really all are Enjoying Life
and when you enjoy life things don't stay perfect....
and that is quite OKAY!!


Ann Marie said...

Love your quotes! I am kind od a quote snob myself! Always collecting them..

I love your stitched stuff.. So cute!

Your right about the pants.. I have to remind myself all of the time that some of these things I dread now are going to be missed one day!

Have a good weekend!

Cherie said...

We could be sisters! I love stitched items and I love quotes and I am always jotting them down on odd scraps and stuffing them in my purse.

The quote by Pres. Hinckley is one of my favorites and so true! I totally believe life is for living and being enjoyed! I love how you ran with that thought when you looked at all the holey pants. Just awesome!

Cherie said...

P.S. Your entry shelf and all your goodies on it is so cute! Love it!