Monday, June 24, 2013

It's a beautiful life...

(Beautiful Irises blooming in my sister-in-laws yard)
Life is beautiful and wonderful 
and this week was exceptionally so!

It was filled to the brim with 
Beautiful flowers...
The skull of a Yak...
Water Fun and picnic with my YW girls...
First day of summer...
Gorgeous sunsets
and the SUPER MOON
Getting up close and personal with wind turbines...
A nature hike on a Sunday evening...

I love this quote and it is SO very true:
"Too many times in our lives we get too concerned with the things that we don't have to appreciate the things in life that we do have that make life the most beautiful. Think of all of the beauty that is still left around you and be happy". 
~~Anne Frank  
 My "Miss Kim Lilac" bush in my yard,
 is blooming hearts.
The way the clusters come together, 
there are lots of heart shapes on the bush. 
Makes me smile... Makes me happy, 
OH and it smells wonderful as well!
You can tell we live in the country
 when we came across this sight on one of our walks!

Water FUN and picnic 
with some of my favorite 12 & 13 year-old girls!
Beautiful purple flowers
 and a unique stone path at the BYU-I gardens!

(YES, I'm a crazy nut as I couldn't resist, taking off my shoes and laying down and snapping a photo!)
I love the unique building 
where I get my hair cut.
This old sign and gnarly piece of wood
 always catch my eye, every time I come here.
Friday June 21st...
First day of summer 
and the longest day of the year!
Summer Lovin'...

I can't believe how small Jade looks 
standing next to this wind turbine 
that stands over 220 feet tall! 
We took a detour on the way home from Idaho Falls 
and were amazed by the size and the sheer number of wind turbines! 
Turbines as far as the eye could see and what a beautiful drive as well! 
(It's no wonder we can see their blinking red lights 
from our bedroom window each night).

Gorgeous colors in the sky...
SUPER moon rising
and MORE amazing sky colors!
I had to stay outside 
until the sun was completely set 
because it was so beautiful  
and I didn't want to miss a minute of it!

I love weekends with my family...
I love nature! 
I love when all three are experienced together! 
Thanks to Ethan who begged that all he wanted to do was go on a hike this weekend, we enjoyed the best nature hike on Sunday evening! We're lucky that 15 minutes from our house we can be enjoying such beauty. It's not the Tetons, but, it feeds the soul just the same! 
 "I go to nature to be soothed and healed
 and to have my senses put in order..."
Anne Frank was really on to something 
when she quoted that...
YES, notice and appreciate the beauty 
that is ALL around us and be happy!
as you can see, beauty is EVERYWHERE 
not just in flowers!

Happy and Beautiful 
week to you my friends! 


wileyfamilyof5 said...

Hey Kim, We are heading to RIRIE Idaho and Heise Hot Springs next week any suggestions on activities to do with the family??

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Don't you just DRINK up summer? I love it.

With how busy you are I'm feeling bad I've added stress to your life. BUT I am excited to hear from you and learn.