Thursday, November 15, 2012

Preserving and Canning Chicken

I love being prepared... 
I love having yummy things on hand to throw together a dinner or lunch for my family!  
I have always been scared to pressure can because of all of the horror stories I have heard from my mom about pressure canners blowing up!  
HOWEVER, I am here to tell you, it's so easy to pressure can AND there is never going to be anything blowing up, if you follow the directions.  
For the past 2 years, 
I have been buying chicken, salmon, ham and strawberries from Zaycon Foods and have loved how quality the meat and fruit is AND how yummy as well.  

However, while I love pulling frozen chicken breasts from the freezer, there are many days when I haven't planned ahead and it's dinner time and so many recipes that have chicken in them don't get made up because I don't have time to defrost the chicken.
 However, thanks to a pressure cooker, 
I now have dozens of pint jars on my shelf, for those quick and easy dinners and soups AND I love having jars of chicken to grab and make Chicken Salad Sandwiches for lunch, or to add to a pasta salad.  

Canned chicken is delicious and is truly a staple at our house!   
ALBEIT, while it is yummy, 
it definitely looks like a "Science Project" 
when you look at the jars, 
OR, as my kids call it...
SICKEN! (wink)
I have canned chicken fresh out of the box after I have purchased it,  
OR, I'll individually package the chicken and put it in my freezer and then after the busyness of the holidays are over and we are in the long, cold month of January, I'll pull out my pressure cooker and defrost some bags of chicken breasts and can a bunch of chicken up then.
SO easy...
you just take your HOT pint jars
fill with sliced chicken chunks leaving 1 inch of head room
add in 1/4 tsp salt
put on sterlized lids and rings
(you do NOT add any water to the jars!!)
Put jars in pressure canner
(follow directions on your pressure canner, for how many jars you can put in it, for what water to add to the pot and for how long to let pressure build before you start timing your canning).
After canner builds to 12 pounds of pressure
let it cook for 75 minutes for PINT jars.
(watching so it stays at a consistent 12 pounds of pressure)
Let pressure canner drop pressure and cool,
Open the canner and pull out the jars and 
you now have jars of yummyness to enjoy all throughout the year!  
Now you have one more skill in your life to be prepared AND knowing how to process and preserve your own foods is a great self-reliance skill, so you can take advantage of great sales on chicken when they come around!
Enjoy being thrifty and frugal!


Garden of Egan said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful.
Totally love your pretty jars sitting all in a row.
Best pictures!

Way to be a CANNER!!!

Jenny Lynn said...

You make it looks so easy! I wish I had the time to give canning a try.
All the jars are a beautiful sight!