Wednesday, February 23, 2011


(photos courtesy of Tracy's iPhone as my computer with all of my family photos and WORD documents is unhooked as Tracy is upgrading it...hopefully it's fixed soon!)
I've had another busy week with cleaning and organizing.  
I came across a poster that I purchased when we first moved into our house that I wanted to frame and hang where I could see it everyday. 
It's kind of an"ABC's of kids" and  
I LOVE each and every description and love to reflect quite frequently on these characteristics  and how I am doing with my children.  
Ethan has been reading  through all of these and thinks they're great. He asked me: 
"Mom what does Fallible mean"?  so we looked it up in the dictionary together...
Fallible---capable of making an error
SO, I explained that since kids can make mistakes you need to hug and embrace them often!  
He loved that this word finally made sense to him!

I thought I would share these
as they are too good to keep to myself! 
Children are...

 Amazing, acknowledge them.
Believable, trust them.
Childlike, allow them.
Divine, honor them.
Energetic, nourish them.
Fallible, embrace them.
Gifts, treasure them.
Here Now, be with them.
Innocent, delight with them.
Joyful, appreciate them.
Kindhearted, learn from them.
Lovable, cherish them.
Magical, fly with them.
Noble, esteem them.
Open minded, respect them.
Precious, value them.
Questioners, encourage them.
Resourceful, support them.
Spontaneous, enjoy them.
Talented, believe in them.
Unique, affirm them.
Vulnerable, protect them.
Whole, recognize them.
Xtraspecial, celebrate them.
Yearning, notice them.
Zany, laugh with them.


Over the years, when I get overwhelmed with the way my kids are acting, or 
Ethan doing his "WHOOSH" sounds with his mouth for the 100th time that day or constantly being in "action mode", OR,  
Jade being a social bug and LOVING and talking to all people and petting all animals that he comes in contact with 
I refer to this list and I remember real quick, they're kids. 
 FULL of energy, questioners, zany, yearning, unique, magical, innocent, joyful, precious, divine, spontaneous and  they are Here now and Gifts that I want to treasure, laugh with, celebrate their talents and how "Xtraspecial they are, recognize them for all they have to offer and give and celebrate each and every day that I have been blessed to have them in my life!

 Feeling SO blessed for the 
wonderful opportunity to be a mom and hoping that I take enough time daily to cherish, savor and enjoy all of these precious moments I get with my kids!


Candace said...

Love those ABC's-thanks for sharing!

Garden of Egan said...

Those are darling pictures. Your kids are the cutest ever.
You are such a wise mom to recognize this.

I love the ABCS of kids.

Those are some random pictures of their cuteness.
They are goofy, I love Jades glasses. He is hilarious.

Glad Tracy is able to get your computer fixed. Is there anything that he can't fix?
You are one lucky lady.....but then Tracy is one lucky guy!

Ann Marie said...

Fun ABC's! Good reminder for me on stressful days!

Hope the computer gets fixed soon!!

Happy cleaning and organizing!!

Connie said...

What fun pictures of your cute boys!
The ABC of Kids is so true!

You're such a good mom. Your boys are very lucky to have you as their advocate, teacher, mother!

Have a good weekend.

C Smith said...

That is cute. I love the ABCs. So true! Aren't kids the best? I can't believe that they baby is almost one. They grow up way too fast.