Friday, October 29, 2010

Faces of Halloween Past!

 (Kimmie...circa 1975)

I LOVE can I say LOVE  
It's been one crazy October at our house this year, but whether or not we're in a crazy mess, we are going to dress up and enjoy the holiday!! 

I LOVE dressing up 
and LOVE dressing my kids up 
for this most FUN day of the year!  
It's sad my kidlets are growing up too quickly. Here's a stroll down memory lane, showing all of the FUN we have had through the past few years.  It makes me happy, but a little sad looking at these photos, thinking, my how time has just FLOWN on by! 
My kids aren't little any more. 

 Halloween 2002 and 2003
 2002 Jade was Dracula and Ethan wore a cute pumpkin hat
2003 Jade was wizard and Ethan was Mickey Mouse...
love the photo of Ethan looking at his reflection in the mirror. 

These photos are priceless!  
Jade was a Ninja and Ethan was Pumpkin!
Ethan held onto his bottle of green hairspray ALL day long!  He wouldn't let go of it. We have photos of him at 8:00 at night and he is still holding it. He had to take it to daycare and had to have it in a bag when we went to our Halloween Carnival at night. 
LOVE the sweetness and
excitement of little kids!!

 2005 was a SUPERHERO year!  
 Ethan wanted to be Superman.
So, we made him a costume and sprayed his hair black!

 More 2005 photos...
Jade started out as Napoleon Dynamite and ended up being Pedro by the end of the night!  Ethan was SO sad when we washed the black out of his hair!

LOVE my Punk Rocker and Little Vampire!! 

 2007 and 2008 
were PIRATE years.
The kids LOVED being a pirate so much 
they wanted to be one the next year as well! 

Ethan went to school as "Dr. FrankenSmith
and had SO much fun making potions and taking photos. 

Family 2009
Jade suggested that we make Tie-Dye shirts.
LOTS of family fun with making the shirts...wearing them to the Halloween concert was even MORE FUN!
Here is my all-time 
VERY favorite Halloween song
You can bet we have been playing this song LOTS at our house!
Have a Happy, 
spooky, FUN One!
"When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
‘tis near Halloween".


M-Cat said...

I love the tiedye shirts and hippie look!

"Peace, love and Temple marriage!"


Ann Marie said...

Soo cute looking back at your Halloween costumes!!

I love that you colored their eyebrows as well as the hair!!

Enjoy your Halloween Weekend! XO

Cherie said...

Kimmie - Your Halloween pictures are so fun!! I just love your family - You are all so cute and the costumes rock.
I especially love that you dyed Ethan's hair black for Superman :-D
Happy Halloween my friend!!

Lindsey said...

Kim!! You guys are so cute!! I have a blog now!! ha ha It's I hope you remember me. I hope work is going well! I miss you!!

Garden of Egan said...

Cute Halloweens past! Where did the years go?

Hope you are starting to get on top of the remodel! I've been thinking of you.

Connie said...

Ethan really looks different with black hair! Love these pictures! I'm sure you make Halloween so much fun for your kids! Hope you post pictures of this year's costumes!

LKP said...

i sooo loved this post! what a blast you guys have on this holiday.

hee hee, in '05 you went as a cat...and across town i was a mouse! i LOVE it!!!