Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter Beauty, Fun & Memories!


in Idaho

means LOTS
and LOTS
of snow!

What a beautiful month it has been!
The month started off
with my sweet hubby pulling my tires off my car and then mounting my snow tires (that had been storing away in our storage shed) on the rims .

I'm grateful
to have such a wonderful man that takes such good care of me. He always wants to make sure I am able to be safe on the slick roads. He also changes my oil, fills my tires with air, keeps my windshield washer fluid filled and keeps my old car running like a top.
I'm SO lucky!

We woke up to this fluffy stuff
on January 2nd!

What a JOY it is to have little kids!
Ethan drew a heart in the snow on our car window and he ran up to me and gave me a great big hug and said as he pointed to the heart: "I Love you mom"

was having a ball being outside in the snow that I had to snap a few photos of him.
What a Gorgeous day in the snow!

Ethan is my little boy who is always being silly.
He definitely soaks up all of the FUN out of life that he can!

Jade did NOT want to take any photos and so this is as good as it got.
However, I thought this was a cool photo that it focused on the tree and Jade is fuzzy in the background.

Winter Memories...
iPhone style!

Trying to capture a photo
of the last of the sunset!

LOVE the shadow of my hubby taking a photo...Very cool!

YES, we saw AVATAR 3D and it was amazing!

We thought we were going to have a relaxing day,
but we ended up spending the majority of the day shoveling out our driveway. I never complain when it snows because it means I will for sure get some exercise in the
EARTH GYM shoveling snow.

Any little bit of exercise
and movement in the winter is welcome to me!

A family
that plays together and shovels the driveway together...
STAYS together!

Sledding hill
with a gorgeous view of the Temple
in the background!

Sledding with the youth in our ward!
The kids were still commenting the day after
how much FUN they had!

Tracy heading over Teton Pass
on his way home from Jackson Hole, Wyoming after taking Travis, Cheryl and Hudson to the airport.
(SO grateful we bought some chains for our tires, otherwise, it would have been a treacherous drive down the pass. SO blessed he made it home safe and sound).


The beauty in our yard on
January 28th!

Winter months mean that I don't get to the see the sunshine in the morning and so my daily commute to work is in the dark. However, as I pulled out of our driveway I instantly noticed thick frost over the trees and sent Tracy a text message asking him if he would snap some photos of the beauty so that I could enjoy it when I got home in the afternoon.

These are the photos he took
so I could enjoy this beautiful moment...
even if I couldn't be there to enjoy it with him in person.
These photos are amazing!

I couldn't be happier, or more lucky and even in the dead of winter when it's a good day to have a high temperature of 30F degrees and most nights the temperatures are in the teens or single digits, my life is filled with much warmth and joy because of all of the love that so abundantly abounds in my home.

Another day, week and month of saying
"Life is Good"!


Connie said...

Kimmie, here you go again with beautiful pictures, optimistic views on life, and a post filled with love. You'd be so fun to be around. No wonder your family loves you so much!
The sledding looks fun, and what a gorgeous shot with the temple in the background. Looks cold down the lane where the kids catch the bus! Dress warm and have a wonderful weekend.

The Garden of Egan said...

We have definitely had us some amazing winter portraits this week haven't we? You captured them so well. In fact, I kinda got cold looking at them and I'm sitting by the fire!
Loved your post.

Britt said...

Those photos are beautiful! I wish I had taken a moment to look outside so I could have seen it myself; but I'm grateful that you shared your photos so I could enjoy the beauty still.

Cherie said...

Kimmie the first thing I thought when I began reading this post was "January in Idaho means lots and lots of snow but only in the East"!

I really am feeling gyped - although some would call me crazy! We have had such a warm January - average temps 45 degrees. It started snowing late this afternoon and we all had our faces plastered to the window yelling "Hurrah!". It is only supposed to last till tomorrow though...darn! Thanks for giving me some beautiful, snowy, winter pictures that I am definately missing this year!!

The sledding with the youth looks like a blast - And I LOVE the lit Temple in the background!!!

Candace Taylor said...

I love your Avatar 3d pics. Mark and I saw it last night. I didn't even think to get a picture with the funny classes. i love it! I was amazed with frozen fog last year, but haven't seen any this year! Love all your winter pictures!

Higgs Happenin's said...

I love how everything gets frosty like that. Especially tree branches I guess you could say I have a thing for it ;).

PS I love your overall/coverall things, THEY ARE THE BEST! That's what I wear too. Must be an East Idaho thing--I can dig.