Friday, December 18, 2009

The Joy of Creativity!

I have always LOVED packaging things with lots of ribbon or curly ribbon. To me the way a gift or goodie is wrapped is just as important to me as the gift or goodie inside. I drive Tracy crazy with this little quirk of mine. He is always commenting when people bring over a plate of cookies on a paper plate with Saran Wrap and a stick on Christmas tag, how NICE that looks and YES, that does look nice.

I just have this little weirdness about me that I have to give a cellophane bag of cookies, or a cute little box with treats in it, tied with ribbon and always with a cute little tag. I can't just bring cookies or a treat on a plate. Whatever I give I like it to look like a little present.

I remember being 12 and buying my best friend a gift and I bought a 10 pack of gum, opened it up and put lots of curly ribbon tied around each pack of gum to accessorize the gift. I know, sometimes I go a little overboard. Tracy has even said that I could wrap up a piece of "crap" (didn't use that word) and people would love it just because of the way it was wrapped up!

So, I have a box of ribbons in every color imaginable, curling ribbon, plain and designer cellophane bags and some plain boxes that anytime I make a treat and take it to someone it gets delivered in a nice little package of some kind.

I also love to take giant Hershey candy bars and take off the printed wrapper (leaving the foil wrapper) and put a wrapper of some cute craft paper wrapped around it instead and then tie some ribbon around it with a cute little tag so it is a little mini present to give someone.

Here is a fun idea
to do for something out of the ordinary for little kids you know, OR, for a package topper, OR, for kids to make to give to a teacher.
These are great for Christmas, OR, for anyone who has a birthday in Winter Time
Snowman wrappers for an ordinary candy bar.
The BODY is either a 3 Musketeers, Milky Way or Snickers candy bar
The HAT is made by cutting the fingers of Stretchy gloves. You can make 5 hats out of 1 glove. (tie the top of the hat with Jute)
The WRAPPER is a piece of typing paper cut in half and then wrapped around and taped with clear tape on the back
The SCARF is a piece of scrap fabric ripped and tied around the neck.
The NOSE is just a piece of orange foam cut into a triangle shape
The BUTTONS are just black beads
and the EYES and MOUTH are just black dots drawn with a Sharpie marker.
Put them all together
and you end up with these darling little guys!!

Happy Gift Wrapping!


Brenda said...

Your little snowmen are adorable! What a cute idea! I think I will do these guys for my piano students...FUN!
THANKS again! I'm off to buy some CHOCOLATE candy bars! HO!HO!HO!

Connie said...

What a fun and cute candybar! I agree that the presentation is so important, and I usually think that AFTER I've hastily wrapped something and presented it!
Thanks for sharing your fun ideas!

The Garden of Egan said...

Kimmie you're killin' me!!!!!
Of course it helps that you work in a place that specializes in fancy schmancy doesn't it?

Love the ideas. They truly are darling.
You are amazing and such a girl through and through.