Tuesday, December 23, 2008

First Winter for some new hens

Our old hens have had a drop in egg production so we just recently acquired 6 new layers just in time before the big snowfall we just received the past few days. They are doing well and once again we have more eggs than we can handle! Jade was a gem and shoveled a path to their coop today and has been good at keeping their water fresh, keeping them in feed and collecting the eggs.
He's sure a hard worker!

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Candace Taylor said...

What breed are your hens?? All of our white chickens lay white eggs. We have two speckled hens that just started to lay brown eggs. I prefer the brown(I don't know why). Oh, do you still have your pile of jeans to cut up for quilts? I have a ginormous pile now that Mark is switching jobs. We could work on it together if you want sometime.